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★ Protection against malicious intent, evil eye and malicious spell work, return to sender, boosts existing wards in a space, adding extra layers to protection, alchemizes negative energy into helpful ones that boost your well-being instead ★


Exclusive to starryeyedsupplies in biodegradable pots (2 sizes available.)
Not designed to be burnt.


Warden of the gates is a requested spirit powder which assists in feeding & empowering house spirits to protect against malicious intentions, people throwing hexes or curses (or simply evil eye.)

It boosts your wards to the next level energetically, creating layers to personal boundaries & safeguarding your space.

It’s liminal weaving at its finest and pulls no punches. Within its matrix is a spell to alchemize any gossip or evil intention flung at you so that energy is transformed and used to your benefit instead.


How to use Warden of the Gates Spirit Powder in Witchcraft:

★ Create a poppet of yourself out of fabric or wax, and include the powder to protect and alchemize the evil eye or negative spell/energy work.
★ Use around your home in the corners to protect against anything negative from entering the space (cleanse the space first.)
★ Cast a Circle with the powder for return to sender spells
★ Put around the base of a black candle to hold people accountable for their spell work
★ Put in a pouch and carry with you or place in vehicles for protection whilst travelling


★ When to refresh:

If you feel that there is a lot of negativity being thrown your way, you might want to use a little and refresh after a week.

For general protection, you might feel ok up to a month (depending on your house conditions. If it's a damp house, you might not want to wait that long, as even dried some herbs can take in moisture and go off.)

Generally though its an energy thing, you can check in with the pot you're using and see how it feels / if the energy has changed - and if so, refresh it.


My own work, recipe and design all rights reserved ©


Bowl and Skull not included in sale

Spirit Offering Powder ★ Warden of the Gates

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