★ Winter Solstice, Calming, Peace, Purification, Cleansing out the old to make way for the new, Ancestor work, Veneration of Elders, Listening to the stories of the Old Ones, Reflecting on the past before beginning anew ★


- All Spirit powders now come in a biodegradable pot! 


With ancestral spirit work, I try to think about what state of mind our ancestors might have had at this time of year - when the final harvests were in & the Earth became more barren.

This was likely a troubling time for many of our Celtic ancestors - the worry of stores being enough & the darkening of the days - so this first spirit powder is about the energy of calming troubled spirits.

Purifying Rosemary, traditional Druidic mistletoe & protective Juniper (amongst many others) form a deeply cleansing, calming & protective offering that can be dedicated to the spirits or used with their aid in spellwork.

This beautiful blend is ideal for cleansing out a home or sacred space at Winter Solstice with the aid of the ancestors, to cleanse it of the old negative or stagnant energy, and to welcome in new blessings to the family line (or spirit family line) as the days begin to lighten.

This is the first of two spirit powders that will be available for Winter Solstice.
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Spirit Offering Powder - "Wisps of Winter Solstice"