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★ Spirits of the Hearth, Home Blessing ceremonies, Blessing a space to make it sacred, Cleansing with Love, Gentle energies to shift a space from stagnant to welcoming, Bringing Loving energy into the Home, Peace work, Soothing arguments ★


New addition to the “Of Hearth, of Heart” spell line is a spirit powder to give in offering to the spirits of the home. Available in 2 sizes, comes in a biodegradable pot!


"Honour us spirits of the Hearth,

Bring warmth and healing to our hearts,

Help us to make this space a home,

A place of safety to return from whence we roam.”


Whether this be the house spirits or ancestral in nature, giving offerings and receiving blessings for the home is an ancient practice.
It is something which is often overlooked in modern times as Kitchen Witchery can be overlooked as simple and twee - but it is actually super powerful and important!

Building a relationship with house spirits (pre-existing, or created as egregores) is a valid method of keeping your space sacred and protected.


This can be used in home blessing rituals as well to make a new space blessed, consecrated & ready to become your own.

It helps to create loving energies of sacred space and a doorway to opportunity & peaceful harmonious energies within.


All my own work recipes and designs all rights reserved

Spirit Offering powder ★ Spirits of the Hearth ★ Blessing Powder

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