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These incense sticks are handcrafted and not mass produced, and are scented with the Witch blends that I personally feel are 'signature' to my energies and creations.
Whilst incense sticks are available worldwide, I wanted to bring that Starry uniqueness to the product; infusing them with essential oils and energy that bring the magick and power to these incense sticks.


Each pack contains 10 sticks


★ Goddess Aphrodite, Venus, Love of all Kinds, Beauty in All things, Self Love and Empowerment, Lust & Sensuality, Recovering the Spark of Romance ★


★Scent - The eternal rose wrapped in a dream of almond, peach and jasmine.


She walks in beauty, like the night

Of cloudless climes and starry skies;

And all that’s best of dark and bright

Meet in her aspect and her eyes. - Byron


Love can be connective, bold, and passionate lifting you to new heights and gifting you the security you’ve longed for.

Or love can be destructive, obsessive and jealous, smashing your worth to the sea bed.

The only thing love is not is absent and indifferent - apathy is the end of love.


Originally The Temple of Goddess Aphrodite was a request, and a difficult one at that, for the mythology surrounding the Goddess Aphrodite is not always kind to Her, not only does she have complete contempt for her husband Hephaestus due to his "ugliness" but she regularly has affairs and children with others. Added to this her seemingly jealous and vindicative actions against Psyche and initially, it can be difficult to connect with this Goddess in a modern way.

Building an energy matrix and mutual understanding for this Goddess, we have to accept that the mythos surrounding Aphrodite is likely bias due to the patriarchal society that recorded them, especially given that Aphrodite embodies the realms of love and sexuality.


We must also accept that Love can be vicious, destructive and jealous in balance to the healing connective power of love in its positive form. A Goddess of Love must embody all elements of these energies to better represent a truth within emotional and spiritual states.

Self love and self empowerment are key themes to the spell range for Aphrodite, helping you to break down social norms and accept yourself for who you are. Aphrodite is often depicted naked throwing convention to the wind, which is also true within her sexuality.


She disregards expectation and limitation and chases what so ever (and whom ever) she desires. She calls to us to examine our truest deepest desires and to act on them. It is also possible to heal yourself emotionally deep within the oceanic waves from which Aphrodite was birthed.

Aphrodites temple resonates pure beauty and aesthetically sensual, celebrating love and nakedness, sensuality and sexuality and helping teach one to love ones nakedness, not only in physique but in soul, emotion and mind.


★ Roses in Witchcraft - Red Roses are usually found in love spells, but they are particularly sacred (and bittersweet,) to Aphrodite. When she ran barefoot over a briar trying to find her lover Adonis, she found him mortally wounded, and bled all over the White Roses turning them red. Truly Roses represent all aspects of Love - adoration, ecstacy, and agony.


★ Jasmine is traditionally associated with the Moon and the Element of Water, it vibrates with Love and perception of Beauty in all things, and is often used in Love work, Self Love work, pleasure and sensuality spells, as well as for prophetic dreams and their manifestation 


★ Peach in Witchcraft - are associated with protection, wearing a carved peach stone around the neck is thought to protect ones life, and the wood is carved into seals or gate guard doors and openings. It also has magic of Love.


★ Almond in Witchcraft - is used for spells of beauty and love as well as transformation. Due to its frequent use in beauty products, it has a vibration that can help you love your own body and connect to sensuality.


How to use these beautiful incense sticks:

★ To honour the Goddess Aphrodite in all her forms
★ Light to bring Venus energy into your life or your ritual
★ For love and lust spells
★ Use when you need to feel sensual and alive in your body again
★ Light to uplift your mood when you're in a self-shaming energy


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©

Copyright in place. Theft will not be tolerated. 

Burn time approx 40 mins

Handmade incense sticks with essential oils and fragrance oils


Starry Incense Sticks ★ Venus Aphrodite ★ Goddess of Love

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