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★ Beltane, Butterfly archetypes, Passion, Joy, Living in the moment, spells of love and beauty, manifestation through gratitude, remembering to love yourself  ★


These beautiful beeswax melts are made from local organic beeswax as well as raspberry and vanilla oils, and just a smidge of biodegradable pink shimmy! Pop them in an oil burner to release their gorgeous scent and magic!!!


I adore the energy behind this spell set which is reminding you to take joy in the act of being alive - Memento Vivere.


This is a concept which is completely entwined with the festival of Beltane for me - taking time to honour your breath, your heartbeat, your sensual self, your mind, your thoughts, your dreams... to honour all that you are in this moment.


Butterfly energy fits beautifully with Beltane, celebrating the beauty within a short mortal life, engaging in life to its fullest, remembering to dance whilst we are alive. It speaks of joy, and often hard won joy through the difficult process of metamorphosis.


Whilst trials and difficulty can remold us anew, we must not forget to enjoy the simple pleasures of being alive. Beltane is a celebration of beauty and sensuality; so paint your face with morning dew and dance into the evening!

I had also come across the following quote which linked butterfly energy to Beltane:

"Although the Irish word for butterfly is féilearcán (pronounced fell-er-kun), dealan-dé is a more ancient term for these delightful creatures in the ancient Irish language. It’s precise meaning, however, is somewhat elusive, for as well as meaning butterfly, it also refers to the brightness or lightning of the Gods, and to the magical flame of the Beal-fire, or the need-fire." - Alliisaacstoryteller



★ Raspberry magical properties -  Raspberry has a wonderful inviting energy and is sensual, and is often used in love spells, sensual spells, and fertility rites as a results. I feel it has the promise of the Kiss of Persephone; the flirtacious beginnings that lead the way to the growth of life force, of passion.


★ Vanilla in Witchcraft - Vanilla adds even more creamy sweetness to balance the spice within, creating a perfectly sumptuous love potion. Vanilla is used for conjuring up love, attracting a mate, to embody sensuality and to love the self. Pure passion!


Beeswax melts include the glass jar, spoon, as well as the melts.
Total weight 290g.


Only at starryeyedsupplies - all my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©





Beeswax melts contain raspberry and vanilla oils
Best melted in an oil burner
Do not leave unattended

Starry Melts ★ Beltane Butterflies ★ Scented Beeswax - Raspberry & Vanilla

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