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 ★ Clearing negative energy out of the aura, Cleansing the Auric (spiritual) body, Cleansing baths, Help to heal and repair a 'leaky' aura, Strengthen an aura against negative spiritual attack, return a sense of inner peace and calm, heal past life trauma affecting spiritual boundaries★


★Scent - Contains Rose and Frankincense essential oils in small amounts to uplift the senses, and then the natural aroma of the herb mix


- Muslin bag & quartz crystal included with each purchase (makes baths easier and less messy!)


This beautiful cleansing salt blend was by request to assist with a “leaky aura” that constantly seemed to weaken from too much exposure to other peoples energies.

It has been designed to be used in water to gently cleanse body and aura of unwanted energetic debris that accumulates throughout the day.

It restores a loving supportive vibration that helps us to weave healing energy into our aura to promote self healing.

It also carries a spell to weave healing through past life experiences that impact on your current incarnation especially with impact on your auric body.
Past (or simultaneous) lives can influence our energy field and leave us feeling low or ungrounded without explanation. 


★ Frankincense in Witchcraft - Frankincense has a regal disposition, and is used to clarify and cleanse situations of unwanted influences, invoking protection and personal clarity.

★ Rose in Witchcraft - Rose is often associated with Love spells and has a long rich history of folklore behind it. This belief in its power of Love and Romance magick means the energy of Rose is a catalyst in the spiritual realms for Love, and can be the oomph needed in any and all Love works.


★ This might be for you (your aura may be damaged) if you

- You feel constantly tired, worn out, and overwhelmed
- Sleep is difficult because you get interrupted or constant upsetting nightmares
- Your dreams might also clue you into past life interference
- You do not feel like you belong
- Your sense of self feels weakened
- Negative things keep interferring with your life, and you engage in negative thinking
- You have problems with personal boundaries (you find it difficult to say no, or stand up for yourself)
- People keep taking advantage of you
- You feel like you're constantly surviving instead of thriving
- You find it difficult to be excited about things
- You are on high alert for danger or stress


★ How to use this product
- In a Spiritual Cleansing bath; add to water (muslin bag included) with your free quartz crystal in your receptive (non-writing/dominant) hand. Speak what you need to happen (this does not need to be fancy, it just needs to be true, i.e. "I need to heal my aura. I am plagued by negativity and my boundaries need to be stronger." Bathe in the water, and visualise all the funky energy draining away and your aura sealing back up.

- In a bowl of water (similar to above) and cleanse your hands and feet. 
- Place in a bowl with your quartz crystal placed in the centre, and meditate infront of it. Visualise drawing the energy from the salt mixture into your aura, and that energy finding the holes or tears or weakspots in your aura, and 'knitting' them together. Feel the boost of energy, and know the healing is beginning.

All my own work, recipe and design all rights reserved

Bowl and Skull not included in sale

Starry soul salts ★ Healing the Auric body ★ “Soul vessel.”

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