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Decorate your sacred space with Starry Spell Orbs to add pure magick to your life! 
Beautiful as a altar centre piece, hanging in your window, or even your car. 
Your imagination is the limit!


★ Nimue ★ Lady of the Lake ★ Sorceress of Avalon


"The divide between silence and noise has never felt quite so engulfing;

The desire to be submerged in silence completely
So that one can hear ones own heart, beating, surviving,
Keying into messages from the universe..." - Nimue


★Nimue, Personal power, Connection to the energy of Water, Lake of Avalon,
Connection to the spiritual ecosystem, engaging with personal destiny and rebirth to help you find your way in life, Assists in prophecy & divinational work of all kinds, Rituals of Healing★


Sometimes thought of as the Lady of the Lake and at other times the pupil and lover of Merlin Nimue is seen as saviour or destroyer depending on the story.


Behind the myth is a sorceress very much associated with water and the energy of Rebirth. Nimue has the answers and the energy contained within is for personal reflection, solutions, mirrors; to show you what what is within yourself and the power of rebirth. She also helps us to overcome all difficulties and emerge victorious.


"Magick is Destiny." - Nimue in meditation



Working with the energy of Nimue is to look head long into the Waters that mirror everything in your life and connect you through the Liminal space to the Otherworld.

This form of magick is destiny given form, it leads you to a better understanding of yourself, your place in the world, perhaps a glimpse at destiny and personal rebirth.

Perfect for divination and rituals of personal empowerment - Nimue reminds you that everything can be healed given time, and to never give up.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Starry Spell Orb ★ Nimue ★ Lady of the Lake ★ Sorceress of Avalon

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