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Brand new to Starry Eyed Supplies is the Starry Aura Spell Spritz - a non smoke alternative to the incenses available on store!
The Starry Aura Spritz Spell range has been blended with essential oils, purified English spring water and a dash of alcohol to purify and add shelf life to the product.
Blended to a high standard and tested on this witches' altar space, these gorgeously scented spritzes are imbued with magical energies and infused with conduited energy from sacred space to alter the vibrations around your aura, your sacred space, your home, your vehicle... whereever you want to spritz!


★ Avalon by Sunlight, Solar Deities, warming your energetic body, aura cleansing, Seeking Joy, Abundance, creativity rituals, road-opening, attraction magick, Summer Solstice ★


★Scent - Sunlight given life - Fragrant orange blossom over Warming amber and honey with a hint of tobacco


"Celebrate that life force within Earth, within light, and within yourself." - Priestess of Avalon in meditation



The Avalon by Sunlight spell energy comes from a specific meditation involving a priestess of Avalon; a visualisation where a priestess of Avalon stands before the great lake all dressed in white, hair flowing loosely in the breeze, bare feet amongst the dewy grass, hands outstreched to draw down the power of the first light of sunrise at Summer Solstice.
Light flickers across the lakes surface, shimmering and bringing with it energies of joy, hope and magick.

The temple is within the suns rays, created out of light and haziness. It is built from whispers in the summer sun, memories of laughter, and the gentle blooms floating in the air.

The energy of Avalon by Sunlight is the gentle warmth of the Sun, an energy of revitalization, connecting us to the power of Solar energy and Solar deities in this loving form.


The concept of drawing down the first light of sunrise, be it at Solstice or otherwise, is a powerful spiritual and magical act that infuses you with an energy of well-being and bathing you in pure light.

As with all the Avalonic energies, there is a presence of healing magick to Avalon by Sunlight, the deep healing presence of the water element of the lake with an infusion of purification through elevation of energy and cleansing ones self in the power of the light of the Sun.


The first rays of sunlight represent possibility, celebration, joy and potential; encouraging you to see and celebrate the abundance and joy already present in your life in order to attract even more in future.


How to use this delightful Witch Spritz:

★ In spells to purify your aura and cleanse out doubt and self sabotage
★ Make your rooms smell like summer and abundance
★ Before rituals to open yourself to a better future, leaving a dreary time behind you
★ To really boost your mood in times of personal self care

    ★ Amber in Witchcraft - Amber has long been prized for its sacred nature, it connects us deeply to the vibration of Earth; deep rooted into our bodies and honouring them as connection points for all experiences.

    ★ Orange blossom in Witchcraft - one of my favourites, Orange blossom can help dispell gloom, chase away the cobwebs, uplift your soul, and help you connect back to hope and happiness.


    ★ Honey is infused with the energy of eternity; that which is limitless and will endure. I adore it for working with Goddess & God energy. It is also used to for attraction and "sweetening" spells, to both attract what you desire, and to improve a situation

    ★ Tobacco in Witchcraft - Originally a sacred herb used for purification and in rituals to both see the spirits of the dead as well as honouring the ancestors.


    All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©

    Starry Witch Spritz Spray ★ Avalon by Sunlight ★ Solar Magick

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