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Brand new to Starry Eyed Supplies is the Starry Aura Spell Spritz - a non smoke alternative to the incenses available on store!
The Starry Aura Spritz Spell range has been blended with essential oils, purified English spring water and a dash of alcohol to purify and add shelf life to the product.
Blended to a high standard and tested on this witches' altar space, these gorgeously scented spritzes are imbued with magical energies and infused with conduited energy from sacred space to alter the vibrations around your aura, your sacred space, your home, your vehicle... whereever you want to spritz!


★★ Honouring the Goddess Hecate, energy of the Wild Witch, Deep Earth Magick, connecting to plant spirits, empowering yourself, assists in clearing blockages and finding your purpose in life, rituals of transformation and rebirth ★★


★Scent -  The deep earth, the wilderness of witches wildcrafting ancient herbs and souls, patchouli, vertiver, and cypress beset with evergreens and other scents


Goddess Hecate - Queen of the Witches Anointing Spell Oil - has been designed to honour one of the most ancient and primal Goddesses, it embodies Hecate in her guise as the all seeing Crone and honours her as a Goddess of the Underworld.


This is the "Earth" range for the Goddess (there is also an "Ocean" range.)

Hecate is considered to be a primal force, tied to the history of the Witches, and although is most famous in Greek mythology it is argued by many that she is infact far more ancient than this.

A guardian of the Underworld and the mysteries, she embodies wisdom, mystery, death aspects and rules over all magick, believed to be the original archetype of the "hag" or "hedge-sitter" the Goddess Hecate can not only help you see past and future but also the deepest parts of yourself.
A guardian of the cross-roads and gates, she holds the sacred keys and can assist those seeking her aid on their journey, if she believes they are ready and worthy.


The rich aroma signifies her role as Queen of the Witches, The energetic temple matrix of Hecate is of low hanging canopies in moss laden caverns, the richest magical dirt inscribed with ancient symbols, the roving path trodden by animals and spirits alike, the tales whispered by herbs, the wink of the baneful poisons and the clatter of the keys that unlock all mysteries - found only at the crossroads and beyond…


There is a deep earthy wisdom in the Temple of Hecate, neither benign nor hostile, simply ancient as the World herself.
Hecate watches with eyes of cosmic brilliance, glittering and all knowing.
She smiles silently at the hearth of her wooden retreat, beckoning the wary traveller to rest and hear old tales from when the Earth was young.


★ Patchouli is considered a staple herb in Witchcraft for sexual rites, as an aphrodiasic and for raising the life force, for love magick, as well as for Earthing and grounding work. This makes it an ideal Witches herb as the parallel between the orgasmic and the raising of life force for spell work is rich in symbolism.


★ Vertivert in Witchcraft - used for grounding work for those work heavily in the realm of Spirits and Psychic travel and help people keep in step with the realm of the Earth. It is also wonderful for manifestation and prosperity work. 


★ Cypress in Witchcraft -  is transformative, and often used to support those dealing with cycles of Death and endings, it promotes inner strength and personal transformation.


★Cedar in Witchcraft - is thought to be particularly potent in assisting witches to connect and attune with nature spirits. It dispels negative energies and attracts good spirits who guard the witch on their spirit journeys. Also wonderful for cleansing.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Starry Witch Spritz Spray ★ Goddess Hecate - Queen of the Witches

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