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The Starry Temple Incenses are a brand new line here at Starryeyedsupplies, a beautiful loose herbal incense to help you create your own Temple within your sacred space.
Each Incense is centred around a different energy of Temple in order to help you build your own energy space.

Each scent is created around a particular energy web to promote harmonous energies whilst clearing the space within; based on ancient customs of using herbs and smoke to purify a space of negative vibrations and psychic debris,  hand blended and imbued by this Celtic Witch to pack a magickal punch and smell absolutely divine doing it!

For use in burning rituals of cleansing, on a charcoal disc or within a cauldron, or by the beeswax method.

Comes in a reusable 100ml screw top tin with Starry Eyed Supplies Sticker.


★★Winter Solstice, Reclaiming the sleigh ride for the ancient witches, Manifest your desires, Reclaiming inner wildness, Sensuality, Sexuality, Self Love work & all Love rituals, Lust, inner Power ★★


★Scent - A deep Witchy offering to the Winter night:  deep rich chocolate notes, sweetening honey, evocative Coffee, against spicy Cinnamon & Cardamom amongst others


The Temple incenses are the pinnacle of the scent range - combining the scents and layering them against herbs and resins with a magical matrix designed to transport you to other realms of existence.

The Temple of Wild Nights of the Winter Witches transports you to an cavern deep in the Earth, where a Coven dances around a bonfire away from the chill of the falling snow outside.
Within the Earth there is a deep knowing of the mysteries, a connection to the heartbeat of Nature, and to one another.
The air is full of warm spices thrown onto the bonfire, and the energy is electric as the Witches dance, sensual, wild, and utterly free... caring not what anyone thinks of them, they enjoy life to the fullest in this moment of pure ecstasy, with bells on their feet and ribbons in their hair, they sing, and dance, and make love, laughing out into the darkness.
They reclaim themselves, their power, their spells... and they invite you to do the same.


“Frau Holle is one of many winter witches found throughout Europe who flew through the sky in a heavenly sleigh or wagon during the 13 longest darkest nights of the year known as the“Rauhnächte“ (Wild Nights, Smoky Nights) or the Wild Hunt.” -gathervictoria

This gorgeous energy is one I am completely in love with - honouring the wild witches who took to the skies!


Reclaiming the sleigh ride for the ancient witches, The Temple of the Wild Nights is evocative & rich. You know the quote by Honest Lewis:

“When you visit a witch bring an offering: food, tobacco, alcohol, secrets, sex or death…” well this gorgeous energetic matrix and scent is the manifestation of that idea. Except I’m adding coffee to the list!!!

It’s deeply sensual, evocative, conjuring up the essence of the ancient witches who took to the skies in European folklore in the 13 longest darkest nights of the year.

★ Chocolate and Coffee both have a stimulating affect, brilliant in love/lust/desire work of all kinds or divination work to glimpse the future. Dark Chocolate in Witchcraft - with a Earth/Fire correspondence, Dark Chocolate helps root our desires into the physical world, and is the embodiment of a good sensual time! It can help attract lovers as well as fire up our own inner lover archetype.

★Honey keeps everything sweet but is the gift of the immortals - being the only food that lasts. It’s magic amplifies & brings longevity as well as binding spells together.

★Cinnamon is a spice that has rich folklore & can be used in all sorts of spells - love, protection, abundance. It also amplifies.


★ Cardamom in Witchcraft - Used in Love and Lust spells to bring warmth and deepen the passion. Deeply sexy it helps bring the fire to all relationships.


Get your wishes answered & honour the inner power of your magical self this Solstice season - spice up your life in any way you choose!!! Manifest your best life!


Winter can be a time where we lose a bit of our motivation, our excitement, our passion for life, with dreary days and damp weather, so sometimes we can need a bit of witchy assistance!
Who better than the wild old witch spirits who inspired the wild hunt (and have been largely ignored by patriarchal retellings) of the season? 
Additionally this is brilliant for whipping up any divination spells to help you glimpse the future. 


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved
Copyright in place theft will not be tolerated


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

For use on a charcoal disc or via the beeswax method, in a well ventiliated area.

Do not leave burning unattended

Do not consume

Loose incense in 100ml tin
Blend of dried Herbs, Gums, Resins & Wood chips infused with essential oils, absolutes and fragrance oils. Contains Beeswax.

Temple incense ★ Temple of Wild Nights of the Winter Witches ★ Solstice

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