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★★★ Temple of The Blood of the Mothers - Ancestor Spell Salt ★★★


★Spell Salt in a Glass potion bottle with charm ★


"Mothers of mine,
Mothers divine,
I hear your voices
Calling on the wind
The blood in my veins
Your wisdom
Your pain
I carry songs in my heart Of You..." - Joey Morris, Songs of Shades Vol.4.


★ The raw and evocative connection to Ancestry, particularly the Matrilineal lines. Honouring the Earth Mother. Connection to the Wild self. Of bloody birth and rebirth. Of blood offerings to the land in tales of sacrifice and devotion. The power that speaks of all the mothers reaching back throughout generations. It’s very red tent in energy. Protection, Rebirth. ★


Coloured by deep red ochre from local caves & blended with a mixture of herb spirit allies to lend connection to your ancestors (such as woad root, Dead Sea salt & hemp seed amongst others.)

This spell line always makes me cry. It’s powerful. It’s the beating heart within your life force. The women who look after you, even if they’re unseen or unknown.


The most achingly beautiful, rawly powerful & deeply evocative energy I’ve ever created. I was blown away by the process, I could hear all of the ancestral women in my line singing and calling, howling and dancing, ringing bells and hammering drums, the clashing of shields, the slow clunk of dusting grain, the weavers, magic makers ... the blood in my line. 


The Temple of The Blood of the Mothers is a half circle of ancestral women, stood with their arms open wide, welcoming you.
You are carrying their memories, their dreams, their successes and lessons within your veins.
The red thread around your wrist reaches out and connects to theirs, symbolic of a connection of blood, not merely of lineage but of connection to All People, all Spirits, all essences both living and passed on.


It doesn't matter if you did not know them in life or if you're estranged from your family (as I am.) There are powerful spirits who wish to help you, protect you, and share their wisdom with you.
You are connected - you just need to remember that.


This beautiful energy carries the energies of blood magic in its truest sense, the creation of a limineal space between the energies of life and death, where ancestors and spirits can be heard singing and dancing. It weaves the magick of your destiny, bringing forth your raw primal wild witch essence.

It connects you to not only your base of power, your ancestors, but the base power inherent within you - your connection to All things, living and dead, throughout the Spiritual ecosystem.
The temple speaks of blood on the land, be it menstrual blood or life blood, to bind ourselves as one with the Earth Mother.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved.


★★★ How to use ★★★

★ Put in a dish under your bed to negate bad dreams and ward unwanted watchers or spirits, and call in all of the Mothers who will protect you.

★ Cast a line across your doorways & windows to keep out evil, avoid unwanted company, and reflect slander or jealousy back to the source. Call forth the protective mothers of the Hearth.

★ Use as an offering on Ancestral altars or in spells to help you feel connected to the spiritual ecosystem

★Add to water in a bowl and soak your hands or feet so you can reconnect to the Earth (and all the actions of the strong women before you, to follow in their footsteps.)

★ Use in protective spells

★ Use to symbolize the Full Moon.  These are times for manifestation, dreams, completing old cycles, and healing.

★ Mitigate the negative effects of Mercury Retrograde.

★ For Spirit Callings and Ancestor works

★ Sprinkle on items or possessions that you feel have bad memories or attachments to them.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Temple of The Blood of the Mothers - Ancestor Spell Salt

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