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★★ The Morrigan, Badb, Support with Shadow work, Death Cycles within our lives, Coping with Change and Challenges, Mourning and Grief work, Ancestral rites of all kinds, Cursing ★★


Badb - The Morrigan - Phantom Queen candle



“… The phantom stalks these halls

Blade sparking against stone slab circles

In places forgotten by man

And spoken of only by dead tree spirits

Her glory reveling in the remembering

A low pitched whistle disturbs the living

Humming the aching pitch of the Hungry

Eternally underfed and underfoot

Can you see them with your naked Crow eyes

Painted black in your sundering

A pale wrap lines the crown of stars

Mending the broken lines where scars thread

And memories bleed

She caws out from void lined skies

Wings outstretched in claiming


I lay across your gleaming Scythe

Silent in the screaming.”

- Joey Morris 2019 The Crow speak anthology - The Morrigan


In limited number this Samhain is this delightful phantom bone white soy wax candle (50cl) dedicated to The Morrigan in her aspect of Badb.


Scented with patchouli & sandalwood essential oils, and bedecked with biodegradable shimmer, it’s beauty is haunting.

A black wax crow skull also perches ontop with custom artwork stickers on the lid and side.

Hail To the Badb.


This beautiful candle is designed to honour and invoke the Goddess Badb, Phantom Queen, honour her in all rituals of ending and death, and welcoming in personal rebirth.


★ Sandalwood in Witchcraft - is used to bring balance to the energetic body and awaken the life force within.  It is also used to balance, centre and calm the mind, and for protection against negative spirits.


★ Patchouli is considered a staple herb in Witchcraft with many different uses. Although most commonly used in life-force associated rituals, it was also used to cover the scent of decomposition in burial rites. It has also been used for memory and nostalgia, and thus can be used to connect to memory and death rites.



All my own work and design all rights reserved ©

Glass can get hot when candle is burning, please burn with care and use a heatproof mat underneath. Never leave a burning candle unattended


Do not ingest


Size -

Eco cotton wicking 


Burns for 70-90 hours.


This is a classic glass jar that comes complete with a matching lid and silicone seal to ensure a tight fit and high-quality finish.

The strong, heat resistant structure of the jar makes this perfect for containing candles and this model can hold 50cl of wax and measures 100mm in diameter and 100mm in height.

The 50Cl Classic Glass Jar will hold approx. 400g of wax*

The Morrigan ★ Badb ★ The Phantom Queen ★ Devotional Candle

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