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... or not at all.


Dedicated to the Great Queen, this blasting powder is imbued on The Morrigans' altar and connects to Her strength and dominion.

The powder that destroys - stagnation, people preying on us, that which no longer nourishes us, that which traps us, that which hurts us, those which gossip about us, that which seeks to undermine sovereignty & truth.

The Morrigan deposes despots or tyrants - if they served themselves and not their people or land - they had broken their sacred oath (Geis.) They fell. So too will all fall that seek to harm or control you against your will.


This blasting powder harnesses several particularly potent herbs used in baneful magick. It is not for half-measures.


Blasting powder in glass potion vial with crow skull charm on sustainable hemp thread


★ The Morrigan, Cursing, Binding, Banishing, Blasting away unwanted people or energies, breaking toxic stranglehold situations, blasting negativity out of environments ★


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

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