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★★ The Morrigan, Badb, Support with Shadow work, Death Cycles within our lives, Coping with Change and Challenges, Mourning and Grief work, Ancestral rites of all kinds, Cursing ★★


Your blood stained lips twitch
Consuming death
To ingest all that has ended
And carry it across the battle marred fields
Bones rattling in solemn reverence
Carry me forth from bitterness
And remake me again in your fury.

- Joey Morris Songs of Shades Vol. 5


This beautiful soy skull candle evokes the Morrigan in her guise of phantom queen, wandering through the remnants of a battle.

Through churned earth, ash, smoke; The Morrigan wanders.

Or the ancient bonfires lit by the barrow side as wails of keening send the dead on to the other side.

Phantom Queen has energies of honouring The Morrigan especially Badb, as well as all the lessons of death She evokes.


The visualisations and energy behind Temple of the Phantom Queen included many places of Death - a roaring bonfire in Great Halls to commemorate battle, as the honeyed spiced mead is drank and offered to the memory of the fallen and for the Gods.

It is the Fire and Earth by the Barrow side as the Dead are honoured and mourned in rituals by the setting Sun.

It is the Otherness on the air, offering a lulling and lilting state that wafts into the unconscious just before the shocking piercing scream of the Bean Sidhe is heard.


It is the calling of The Hooded Crow over the Battle field as the slain depart this world, blood soaks the Earth in offering, and everything changes once again...


Connecting to The Goddess Badb as an aspect of The Morrigan can seem daunting, and truly tests us as human beings, our resolve, our resilience, our honour.

Badb in particular draws our shadows close so that we can overcome them, strengthening ourselves to all battles... those within, and those without.
We must honour all Death cycles, our own, those that occur within this lifes' incarnation, and physical death, as well as those ancestors of whom we are aware, and those of whom are forgotten.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©
Burn with care, do not leave a burning candle unattended 


Cotton Eco wick
Soy Wax
Please place on an even surface with a dish as may drip or pool.
Do not ingest

The Phantom Queen ★ The Morrigan ★ Starry Skull Candle

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