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★Spirit realm, Other eyes, Clairvoyance, Ancestors★


The Temple of the Otherworld has been created to help us see with our "Other eyes," to change the energetic vibration within us and around us in order to connect with the energies of the Otherworld; to reach across to the realm of Spirits.
It can help us to open the door to our Ancestors and the lessons that they can impart within us, or to help us honour their memory and communicate our thankfulness.

The Temple of the Otherworld has been created around an energetic matrix of Mediumship in order to build a bridge between our world and the Spirit realm, bringing those worlds together in order to aid Spirit work.

It taps into the primal ancient energy of roots and the caverns below, which can aid us in astral journeying to the Otherworld. The roots of the great ecosystem that connects all things can be journeyed, and the Otherworld is one destination along this path.

There is a 'backdoor' energy to protect an individual should one need to quickly come back to the mundane energetic plane.


The Temple to the Otherworld is a place between Earth and Water, many of us submerge ourselves within inky waters and find ourselves on a shore with a cave of the Ancestors, and the Temple energetically built with this smudge reflects that; its scent is Other, as though one has wandered amongst the pages of an Ancient magical Tome, touched the live wire that connects us to our Ancestors, and breathed deep of the Earthy roots which calls us home.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Remakes may vary slightly

Please note: The Cauldron's outer container is metal and it will get very hot when you burn them. Please take care to place the cauldron on a suitable surface before burning.


Copyright in place. Theft will not be tolerated.


Soy wax with eco cotton wicking and candle dye

Burn with care!

Burn time approx 2 hours

Never leave a burning candle unattended
Remove herbs before burning 
Burn on a heat proof surface and dish incase of drips
Do not ingest

The Temple of the Otherworld Spell Cauldron

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