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★ Wish fulfilment, Protection, Cleansing the Self, Capturing the imagination, working with the inner child, healing childhood wounds, remembering self-belief and self-love.★


Wish powder within a glass potion bottle and Unicorn charm on sustainable hemp thread. Actual charm may vary.


"Breathe in deep and set yourself to adventure, see the stars blaze over and the hear the call of the Unicorn, and you will know that you have arrived amidst the pages of magick." - Joey Morris


The Unicorn spirit contained within this particular Spell powder has an energy of protection woven throughout alongside the traditional Unicorn vibration of Innocence and child-like wonder; the combination of which seeks to provide an astral realm of selfless spiritual energy, of purification and pure love in which to keep ones self safe.

The Unicorn is a regal mythical creature, strong, wise and above all Pure; a purity which can drive out all evil and negativity.

The Spell powder also contains elements of whimsy, a kind of mysticism within mythology, for the Unicorn cannot be seen physically only in the heart and in dreams; the Unicorn becomes an enigma, an energy which can be loaned to us; for you can become "safe within the pages of myth so that you cannot be found nor targeted by another."

Perfect for harmonizing your deep inner wishes with herbal magick and a healthy dose of Starry Shimmy Shimmy!!!

Working with Unicorn energy can help you find your best self.


Sprinkle around the home and vacume it up, or use as a boundary powder on altars, doorways, windowsills and other liminal spaces. Can be given in offering to nature (is completely natural and biodegradable.)

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

For more information please check out the video!

Unicorn Wishes ★ Spirit powder ★

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