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The Ogham Spell pendants are a new product at Starryeyedsupplies that capture the energy of each Ogham and the relationship between that Tree and its Priestess.
The bottles are glass and contain an energy matrix of crystals and herbs that weaves the story of each Priestess, bringing their magick into your life.
Each ribbon is chosen on the basis of colour magick to add a little extra magick and each pendant comes with a Celtic Triquetta charm to symbolise the cycles of Life, Death and Rebirth.

Wear as part of your ritual jewelery, use as a spell item of magical focus within spell work or to connect with the Ogham energy in meditation.

"The Willow Priestess" Ogham Pendant combines the energies of the Ogham Saille - Willow and the energies of the Priestess.

The Willow Priestess resides between Earth and Water, and speaks to us of the deep Healing available to us in this place, as well as connecting to the Ogham energy.

The Ogham Pendant has been imbued for energies of Healing, especially in the realm of the emotions. It can help us process difficult emotionals and ground unstable responses to them back into the Earth to be transformed into more positive energy forms, thereby alleviating many forms of personal stress.

It speaks to us of Emotional as well as Spiritual blockages in our Aura or Energy field, and how to unblock them and allow our natural "inner rivers" to flow freely once again.
These processes can help us find our true selves and reconnect once again with our higher selves, spirits, guides and deity. Often unstable emotions and blockages leave us feeling disconnected from the realm of the spirit; and Willow, through its spiritual connection to the Water, can help us find ourselves again. As a result it can help us with dream work and our psychic senses are all renewed in the process.


The Willow Priestess speaks; "Come Child, sit with me by Water's edge and dip your toes into the cool waters of the River. Let all your troubles ease and ebb from you. Through Nature we are healed. Let your emotions flow and tears fall as they may. Through Earth and Water we are renewed."


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Willow Priestess Ogham Spell Pendant

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