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★Boosting creative energy, pushing past creative blockages, manifesting your dreams, tangible results from creativity, Create opportunities, Free yourself from self-doubt and the nagging energies of others, remember that you can do whatever you put your mind to ★ 


Creativity powder in glass potion vial with pentacle charm and gold thread


A spell powder that ended up being of the “fire up the backside” anti apathy spell oil and the “key to creativity” spell oil had a powder baby.


Kick through creative blocks with a can do attitude that takes no prisoners. Believe in yourself and your creative vision with gusto and gumption and all the g’s. Gain, gather, greatness.

You’ll be on fire, baby!


This gorgeous spell powder is a dream for anyone looking to witch their way through creative blocks or general apathy when it comes to their life purpose. 
The road can be tough out there, especially if you don't have a support system... or worse, negative nancys telling you all the reasons you'll fail. 


We're not about that energy anymore. Self-sabotage is a problem we're resolving at all costs, connecting to our inner divine spark and reminding ourselves that we are in fact, that witch.


★ How to use this spell powder

- In Spell pouches that can be carried on your person for creativity or anti-apathy spells
- Infused into water and used as a wash on spaces before spells or creative projects
- Rolled into a beeswax candle as a dressing
- Added into poppets to assist with personal healing when it comes to creative blocks
- At the entrance of your home to stop negative energies taking root in your space that keep you in cycles of self sabotage


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©
Not designed to be burned.


All natural herbs in a glass vial.
Shelf life of 1 year at least.

You better work, Witch ★ Spell powder ★ Creativity

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