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Awareness of the Fox Spirit

Starry Oracle for the week – Awareness

Posted on November 8, 2016 by admin

Awareness – Personal Oracle Set

This Oracle set does not come with a set of guidelines therefore all interpretation is personal.

Slipping silently between the trees, the Fox is the Magician of the Hedgerow; Fox knows which paths are safe to tread and which are not as he moves silently, stealthily and invisibly through the hedgerow, and is willing to teach us, if we have the wisdom to listen, to be still and present. Fox can sense danger lurking in the light and the darkness, and she can teach us to be wary, knowing when to engage situations and when to avoid them; for keen eyesight and cunning intellect will serve us just as well as claws and teeth. Fox is a shapeshifter and the Magician of the hedgerow, possessing knowledge, wisdom and magick, he is in complete control of his power and can deepen our instincts and improve our psychic senses when we embrace his wisdom. Fox knows the mysteries of the Hedgerow and can freely cross these boundaries, and She will guide us along our Hedge-lined paths, if we are swift and nimble of foot.

Awareness speaks to us of being present in our surroundings; for if we live in the past we can become obsessed with shadows of our former lives and forget to live, similarly if we give into fear of the future then we are liable to end up caged; and risk missing all the glorious life unfolding right in front of us.

In 2016, a year which has been typified by Death and destruction, this is no easy task. The temptation to ‘wish away’ the rest of the year is overwhelming. Bad news has lurked around every corner of this year, we have fretted, worried, mourned and healed together more than once.

Truly this has been a year for personal awareness as we see the best and worst of ourselves brought to light by the pressures and stresses of difficult times, which always reminds me of one of my favourite Tolkien quotes;

“I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo. “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

Awareness is only the first step (paw print) along the path to understanding, and ultimately, towards change. If we become truly aware of ourselves; our thoughts, our words, our actions; then we become aware of the impression that we have on the world and the people around us. We see the ripples of influence that a simple gesture or turn of phrase can have and we become aware of the impact. These are all lessons of the Magicians, who seek not to control others but merely to master themselves and learn to adapt to all situations whilst wielding their own innate power. They learn to move through the world by being simultaneously of the world and removed from it; to be observer and participant all at once. To camouflage ones self in order to discover the hidden secret places.

Awareness is not born from crass showy displays of false authority, nor does true power lie with those that need validation of their ability. Fox magick shows us that brutishness is a poor substitute for real skill; tearing down the world and those that live alongside us might be an easy path but it is a cowardly one.

We live in a world reeling from the effectiveness of campaigns of fear and hate, that use the otherness of individuals to create hostility and violence. Such mentality in people seeks to put awareness to death. For whilst human beings are apathetic to the sufferings of those they deem as ‘different’ or ‘unworthy’, whilst they target others for ridicule, scorn, mockery and hatred they chose to wilfully enable ignorance. It is to choose the lesser path, to remain blind, to choose to remain asleep whilst the world cries out for spiritual souls, nay, all human-kind, to wake up.

Whilst we are determined to tear down anyone we can to achieve small egotistical false senses of victory, we lose the real war. We lose common decency, understanding, empathy, and community. We lose the ability to truly improve and empower ourselves. We become weak.

So I leave you with this last thought of awareness; Who is it that you want to be, in this very moment? Who do you want to be in the future? Why do you want to be a Witch? Is it really about feeling a deep yearning to be connected to this world around us, seen and unseen, unravel the deep mysteries, learn about your true self, or is it just a label that serves to excuse or validate?

Are you aware?

Many blessings, Starlets,


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