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Lessons of a Unicorn

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle – Unicorn

“Spirit – Reconnecting to higher wisdom or Divinity.”

“You are a Goddamn Unicorn!” – Molly from Her Speak

“Breathe in deep and set yourself to adventure, see the stars blaze over and the hear the call of the Unicorn, and you will know that you have arrived amidst the pages of magick.” – Joey Morris

I had to smile when this weeks Oracle card and resulting essay discussion was Unicorn; a being of purity, wisdom, and strength; another mythical being on the heels of Phoenix energy which of course invites disparaging remarks about these creatures not being “real.”

If by real we mean tangible physical creatures we can ride around town on, then no, perhaps not. But creatures such as the mythical Unicorn arise out of personal alchemy of the imagination, a symbol of the ever quest to attain personal fulfilment, and a shining becon of hope amidst the pages of fairytale.

Mythical creatures such as Unicorns invite us to be better people.

And really, isn’t that what a spiritual life is supposed to be all about? The search for better understanding ourselves, Deity, the world around us and the meaning of all things? Some people will argue that spirits, energies and even God(s) and Goddesses are ‘imaginary’ in order to shame those who believe in them.

Ultimately, it is part of our evolutionary growth to realise that there will be always be those who say we are wrong, or stupid, or wasting our imaginations. These characters appear in fairytales too; trying to waylay the heroes, stop them from taking that journey, hindering their adventures and discouraging them. We have to realise that we are all partaking in the stories of our own lives, and we hold the pen.

“We must own our stories, whatever they might be.” – Joey Morris

Unicorns represent the journey whilst upholding the purest of ideals, the highest elevations of truth, justice, and love. Whilst it is not always possible in real life to be ‘perfect’ (such a concept is futile search in the wrong direction) we can always be unique. We are the only one of us, and that should mean something. There is only one you, so be the best you that you can be; speak your truth, live your life, dance your dance, own your mistakes and blaze with your passions.

Emulation is often encouraged in society and yet it is largely fruitless; by allowing ourselves to be defined by preset guidelines we cut ourselves off at the knees. We should be the ones to define who we are. Moreover, who we are, is an alchemic process; we are always evolving, shifting, growing and changing; which is exactly as it should be. Life is the adventure, the journey, and our Unicorn souls shine right on through.

Finally, Unicorns represent a value which we are keenly in need of in recent times.


In recent times it is too easy to feel agitated, outraged, angry and disillusioned with the world around us, and it is not by ignoring the very real issues that we must seek hope. Instead, we must find hope within ourselves, and within other people. We must stand up together, for those who find themselves the target of hate, because we believe they deserve better treatment, and that we can change the world for the better by standing together and speaking out, by protesting, by refusing to let hatred win.

Believe in the journey, and the adventure, and in a better tomorrow. And chase that Unicorn.

Many blessings, Starlets


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