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Musing about the energies of Spring – Witchcraft Essay

Photography – Kimbeerphotography

★Themes and Musings★

So I wanted to present prompt images for Spring Equinox and found myself at an impasse. The usual flowers, eggs and cutesy kitsch seemed to mismatch the energy of this year, and it took me a moment to really find something that resonated, and then to consider why that was so.

The image above, the deer skull within the flowers, seemed to be symbolic of the balance that occurs in the Equinox, life within death and death within life. The two existing within the same space.

This year is clearly a year of Shadows, all being brought violently forth to the surface. The political and culture landscape churn with it; some examples being unpleasant reminders of the ugliness that humanity can create.

Spring is hopeful, and we must never lose sight of hope within a situation, a path, a journey. No matter how much ugliness we encounter, there is always beauty, there is always a lesson.

Boundaries become more important than ever. Separating ourselves from situations and people that belittle us, drag us down emotionally and mentally, and make us focus on things that lessen our spark.

I had already considered this year was echoing the Mexican proverb;

“They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.”

There had already been stirrings of the energy of the Nature Warrior and creating an energetic temple of a better tomorrow. That energy consideration can be heard in greater detail here:

Slowly the realisation emerged that the concepts of Shadow within Ogham I have been considering both in public and private spheres could not be separated from the rhythms of the Earth; they are bound.

We are of this Earth, connected to Her energies, her ebbs and flows. Some seek wisdom from the stars in Astrology, some keep their fingers to the pulse of Green Witchcraft, but the messages reflect one another.

As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.

The simplest explanations usually hold true.

Those poetic verses that revisit our consciousness time and again. We can decorate it however we like, change the words, the definitions, but the underlying truth remains the same.

We are not the ugliness that those who hate us colour us to be, nor are we perfect beings that some might hope us to be. We are simply human, and all that entails.

Moreover, we are who we choose to be.

Many Blessings, Starlet


– Joey Morris 2017 All my own work all rights reserved

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