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Transformation is Venomous – New Moon musings

Image – Anton Yeroma

This beautiful imagery summarizes how I feel the New Moon energies align this December; with the Dark Goddess Lilith at the forefront; she slips in, serpentine, and asks if we are quite done resisting this transformation by fire yet?

The venom in transformation is needed, and necessary; it can course through our veins, making us ache and resist, making us painfully aware of our short comings, where we perceive our weaknesses to be.

December has already been nothing if not a black mirror; simultaneously reflecting back at us whilst inviting us to delve far deeper, to push into the psyche, to break down the walls and truly look deep into the inky oracle before us.

When we are pushed to extremes it drives home the question; who do we want to be?

The contrite New years resolutions will soon be upon us and the natural human current turns to the idea of potential, of change. The overall masses tend to fail in their attempts (so much so that there is almost a parody culture around this concept) but what would happen if instead of being flippant, we committed to shedding our skins and shape-shifted into a truer version of ourselves?

There is a deeply empowering sexual undertone to this New Moon too; a current of reclaiming the sexual self that will not be silenced or go quietly into that long good night. Lilith won’t settle for anything less than volcanic explosions of self empowerment, beads of sweat rolling down the skin from a job well done, the surge of pure raw kundalini power from deep within, unleashing our untold potential…

Sexuality is a subject which has long been regulated, ostracized, and demonized; much like the Goddess Lilith herself. In a climate with increasing social control and sexual repression, the black snake lifts her head and bares her fangs; for this regime of restriction and self mutilation cannot be allowed to pass.

For too long, sex has been banished to the shadows, been made light of in suggestive jokes behind snickering hands; when it is nothing less than sacred raw power; deep and sensual, tactile and empowering.

It is the glimmer of death in the eyes as one reaches ecstasy and surrenders to the divine breath, contacting and entwining with the universal life blood; for orgasm is life and death in one moment of surrender and perfection.

For too long people have sterilized and ostracized, nit-picking away at all that makes us wilder, un-tamable, and ultimately freer… we have called the darkness evil and hidden from the lessons of the star punctured night sky, juddered at the music of the howling creatures, and turned our heads away from the depths of sexual magick.

If we cannot harness our life essence, our own divine spark of creation, how can we create on any level? It is cutting our feet and expecting to walk, when we should be running unhampered, joined in the cosmic ballet of the sexual dance, cherishing that bone deep need to be desired, enjoyed, consumed… and to come out more alive than ever for it.

Many blessings, Starlet


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