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Crow Speak: The Screaming Badb

Crow Speak, the Screaming Badb and the Starry Oracle

Posted on October 27, 2016 by admin

★★★Oracle for Starlets★★★

★Card by Inner Hue “Connected and Free” the Alchemist Oracle★

★★★ Communication ★★★

“You are being called to communicate your truth and vision, actively initiating conversations, meetings, agreements or new connections. Be confident that your voice will be heard with desired results flowing to you. Should you need to communicate with sensitivity around an issue requiring resolution, you are being supported by higher powers to do so at this time.” -Lauren Aletta (Inner Hue)

As the veil thins in the build up to the Witches new year – Samhain or as it is more commonly known, Halloween – the spiritual space between Silence and Noise which I recently discussed in a video about Deeping a relationship with the Goddess Morriganshrinks as the thinning veil allows more readily for communication between the spirit realm and our world. Messages from the universe also ring loudly in our ears, becoming so overwhelming and obvious that we almost trip over them as we continue to walk our spiritual path.

In the midst of this spiritual overload came a moment of complete clarity that was as profound to me as it was deafening; and it all started with a scream.

Perfectly in keeping with Halloween themes, wouldn’t you agree?

It happened in the middle of the night, when in a subconscious state I realised there was a negative entity attacking and I woke up screaming my head off at it until it dissipated, after which I returned to my slumbering state. Come the next morning I felt perturbed, not only because my natural clairvoyance attracts some grisly entities (although it was not myself that was under the psychic attack,) and this time of year inevitably means that some of these nasties get through the Witch wards; but that I still scream my head off when they appear. I berated myself that I have been seeing spirits since I can remember and yet there is still a fear response within me to them.

Then came that moment of complete clarity, with the Goddess Morrighan appearing like the Crows I could hear every morning with their rowdy crow speak; “Think again.”

I admit, it took me a moment, to meditate in order to focus myself, and hash it out with my own admittedly Virgoean inner critic when it dawned on me – I was not screaming because of the entity; I was screaming *AT* it; and the scream, that resounding, reverberating high pitch wail sent the nasty whizzing right back to where it came from… or so help me… and scene!

All silliness aside, (although a healthy dose of laughter is a silence breaker worth engaging in,) I realised that I was aligning myself with the Badb, the Crone element of the shapeshifting Goddess Morrighan, who is best known for her voice; more specifically, for her scream:

“Ro erig em badb discir, dian, demnetach, dasachtach, dúr, duabsech, detcengtach, cruaid, croda, cosaitech, co bai ic screchád ar luamain, os a cennaib. Ro eirgetar am bananaig, ocus boccanaig, ocus geliti glinni, ocus amati adgaill, ocus siabra, ocus seneoin, ocus damna admilti aeoir ocus firmaminti, ocus siabarsluag debil demnach, co mbatar a comgresacht ocus i commorad aig ocus irgaili leo.”

“There arose a wild, impetuous, precitpitate, mad, inexorable, furious, dark, lacerating, merciless, combative, contentious badb, which was shrieking and fluttering over their heads. And there arose also the satyrs, and sprites, and the maniacs of the valleys, and the witches, and goblins, and owls, and destroying demons of the air and firmament, and the demoniac phantom host; and they were inciting and sustaining valour and battle with them.”—“Cogadh Gaedhel re Gallaibh,” Todd’s ed., p. 174.

“Badb is the Fury of battle and is most often seen as a crow screaming over the battlefields or shrieking in the night and frightening men to death (Ellis, 168; Kinsella, 239).”

Badb is the aspect of the Morrighan with which I feel most at ease, so it came as no real surprise to me that I was channeling her fury in dealing with entities that sought to cause physical or spiritual harm in my territory, and whilst there still may be a slight fear reaction to unwelcome entites in the middle of the night, finally the screaming made sense to me, a Voice Witch who has long understood the power of the word, verse and song. Moreover we are entering into Samhain when the Dead and Forgotten are honoured once again for their deeds in life; and part of us undergoes death so that we can be reborn.

2016 has been a year of Death, a year of carnage, a year of Badb. The Crows have called out over and over again, communicating her closeness, the souls that pass through Badb whistling out into the night. It is a reminder to be stalwart in the face of difficulties, and to communicate the true essence of the self.

The lesson here for me was that I was worried I was fearful, and instead failed to recognise my subconscious self was already performing some powerful magick; screaming out at anything daring to harm me and mine in my space. The communication for this time of year is to remember who you are, to pursue that, and to be fearless.

Many blessings, Starlets.

Joey xxx

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