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Druidic lessons of Puffballs

★★★Oracle for Starlets ★★★

★The Druid Plant Oracle – Puffball★

Given meaning – Mystery, Inner connection

“Mushrooms are mysterious; they grow in darkness and feed on decaying matter… something peculiar is about to happen… Mushrooms are symbols ofthe Inner mysteries; they are connected beneath the ground in vast networks; they grow in darkness and perform the alchemy of turning dead matter into new life. Like the inner mysteries they have guardians that prevent access to the unworthy, but if approached with reverence they will show you their inner world.” – Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gromm

Synchronicity flows into place, things being odd, unusual and yet correct. Signs of confirmation are everywhere, when you know where to look, or listen, or feel. It can be a song someone is singing, or the actions of someone ahead of you in the post office (as happened to me yesterday.) When magick happens, it can seem odd, chaotic, even unusual when it makes a dramatic change; signifying that we need to work on our inner doubts; we have to align ourselves where we believe in the mysteries and magicks of the universe to the point of almost lunacy; witchcraft is believing something is done so stubbornly, so unyieldingly, that it becomes so.

The little patterns of weirdness are a reflection of the otherness that is present in nature, just beneath the surface. The deep rooted nature of magick;

“Oh Witches You have the power Burning through your veins It’s so ancient it sings of time So primal it howls Feel the Earth beneath you Not merely in the language of flowers But the roots of all things…” – Joey Morris

As spiritual people we need to get to the roots; the root of why we feel, act, think… a certain way. The root of our own magical being; what makes us who we are, and the root of what can make us happier, healthier and better. With healthy roots, however shrouded in mystery, growth begins.

Mushrooms are unabashed in their uniqueness. Some poison, some cure, some fly you to unimaginable heights, some are delicious in ramen… there are as many mushrooms types as there are people, and they all celebrate their uniqueness, and remind you that you should too… there will never be another you.

“I myself, am strange and unusual.” – Lydia (Beetlejuice.)

This card reminds us that it is never too late to begin anew, to seek rebirth from the decayed tatters of an old life. We all have the opportunity to open the door, and walk through it.

Many blessings starlets, Joey

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