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Mother of Babylon

Mother of Babylon

Thy speak of sinful flesh falls short of my lips Your scornful nature taps against the skull My flesh burns with indignation But not from any punishment you can mete out Heartless is the memory of men Seeking to bind and conquer and rule To besmirch the powerful and capable

Any crown forged and welded... bled for To speak of many heads monstrous They are afraid and their words reek of it I turn my bare throat and growl Hiss between my teeth Such dancing of naked sanctified flesh That lays beneath and blossoms The holiness inherent in time-forgotten priestess-hood

Wrapped in naught but their power

Silencing the shaming shouts rallying for justification Pompous men with two faces pontificate As to the mortality of anyone who is not them Whilst their eyes wander and mouths smirk So speak of me in hushed whispers A Goddess of the Dark Not yet silenced by slandering tongues And when you find me Echoing in Hallways Of ancient flame-licked gold You shall know how to extend your body Shameless in your wanton desires Not to be cajoled by hypocrites But emboldened by sweet ferocity And bare faced resistance You will feel the furious pacing of my heart beat Ancient and unruly, waiting to be discovered Together let us tear apart the lies of the falsely sanctimonious With one single simple word of truth They will break upon my body Shattered and useless And all the night time children will know That they do not stand alone.

- Channeled by Joey Morris 2019 All rights reserved

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