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Broken Soul, I promise

art - Natalia Drepina

Beautiful soul who sits on the ledge, Their voice cracked at what they need to express, But feel the icy grip terrorize their throat, Wondering if they name that shame, That burdens their entire being, Causing flooding and earthquakes at a soul level, Will be too much for someone else to hear, to accept. When everyone has taught you that the only safety Is in complete silence And disregard for your pain, How do you find your mettle, and tear open that exoskeleton? How do you believe time, and time again, That it could be different? Taking aim at the bullseye of understanding In a world mocking empathy, Knowing it is a path lined with shattered glass Of so many broken mirrors? It is okay, beautiful soul. I cannot promise you that you will find someone who entirely understands you, but I will promise you this, That one day, You will find someone who wants to.

-Joey Morris

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