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Of Hedgerows & Hedgewitches

photography - Platon Yurich

I have wandered again

With bare skin through thickets

Sharp and piercing

And every splinter a reminder

Of memories bittersweet

When the blackberries stain my calves

As I scramble through the underbrush looking

For a glimpse of the girl who sought adventure

And wouldn’t wear her shoes

The sweetness in the air as the thudding rain beckons

Time to shape shift through the hedge and on

To where stories are made and unravelled

Like threads of lace strewn across thorns

Catching mist and dew drops in their arms

It is such a strange thing to see the world alone

Wondering at the labyrinth existence of it all

I have been calling through the hedgerow again

Longing for thunderstorms

The long fingertips that curve across a wooden staff

Leading on

I breathe deep of all my inextinguishable hopes

For here in the hedgerow

They sustain me

- Joey Morris 2020

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