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Why Witches are Real Freaks

For the entire month of December via the Starry Eyed Facebook there has been one important message on repeat:

Rock your Weird.

We are living in times of uniformity and conformity where the urge to “fit in” becomes an overwhelming and oppressive weight on our shoulders, whereby 2016 has stolen many of our misfit role models;

Bowie told us to “Turn and face the Strange,” Prince that; “…no one can dictate who you are,” and the infamous Zsa Zsa Gabor that; “I tell you, in this world being a little crazy helps to keep you sane.”

Of course, these pearls of wisdom are eternal and we, as Witches, perhaps better understand the power behind words than many others. We understand that intention is the corner stone of spellcrafting, and once we let our words fly, they are released onto the world, creating ripples of change… that cannot be undone.

Throughout history tyrants and dictators have sought to silence their opposition; the outspoken have been branded and killed, books have been banned and burnt, films, tapes, music and other artistic expression has been surpressed; all with the notion that the strange, artistic and “weird” are inexcusable forms of defiance and sedition.

Going forward, facing the ever increasing militant control of Government bent on promoting xenophobic, racist, sexist and homophobic tendencies, embracing our weird becomes beyond important, it screams headlong into the void;

We are Witches and We will NOT go quietly, we will not let you suppress us and other religious groups; we will NOT allow registration, discrimination or extermination.

We will stand together, in our weirdness. Label us freaks, weirdos, Crazies. Mock our spiritual beliefs, degrade our mental capacity, laugh and ridicule us, we will still stand.

Witches, or at least what we now classify as Witches, have always been at the fringes of society. Those who were burnt at the stake as Witches (although in most cases were not witches as we now understand ourselves) were those who rubbed against the social norm; rich widows in a patriarchal society that denied women power or independence, medicine men and women in a world where the church denied such practices or independant thinkers who went against the governing bodies of the time.

It becomes a badge of honour to our ancestors and those that went before to not only embrace the label of Witch (even when they may well have denied it, it is an often retold and largely fabricated idea in modern pagan circles that these people died for Witchcraft beliefs) but to embrace those “weird” social customs for which they were punished.

If our ancestors died for independence, their ‘Witch’ trades and their right to be who they were as individuals, then we, as modern Pagans and Witches should stand for those too whilst keeping in mind our roles in this time period. I have spoken before on the importance of realising that we are not and cannot live as ancestors did;

“…That is why we try to “re-claim” that word now, and wear it with pride instead of fear, at least in Western society, for it is still used as a death sentence in other parts of the world, reminding us that though we have evolved as human beings, we still have work to do.

Finally, there is no point pretending we live in any time other than the time we do. It is not better or worse than any other point in history (as much as some of us would like to live in a different period) we live in this one, for a reason.” – Joey Morris Are you for real, Witch?

Embracing our personal brand of weirdness is part of claiming our own personal sovereignty; it is our power. We live in a world that tries to dictate how you dress, what you eat, what you watch on television, how you should think, act, and even feel. Our own personal weirdness therefore becomes an act of rebellious alchemy; not only is it the truest part of yourself but the most liberating.

I have heard many exclaim in the pagan communities that you become “free” when you no longer ‘give a shit’ what anyone else thinks. I disagree. I think you become free when you embrace wholeheartedly the quirkiness that is your innate individuality and shine as a bright beacon of hope for those who feel chained and oppressed by convention.

Open hostility to the opinion of others might be a form of rejection but it is not independence; the angry reaction creates an energetic link to their thoughts and reasonings, rather than extrication from them. When seeking to affect real change on either a personal level or in the world at large we must first consider that they are inextricably linked;

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.” – Gandhi

The road to our own brand of weirdness can seem daunting, and even impossible at times, especially when the world turns to ugliness and tyranny. But is precisely at times such as these when our actions count the most.

We must begin the internal process of self acceptance, and the realisation that loving who we are does not equate to the hating of anyone who is different; our personal spiritual truths do not make other spiritual truth wrong. Our personal brand of weird, unusual, quirky can be an inherent glow within our souls, in our natures, in the fabric of who we are. We become strong when we stop coverting other peoples light, when we find who we are as individuals. The theft of someone elses personality, actions or creative process, is so abhorrent to me because it goes against true soul, it embraces the ‘fake’ that is so prevalent in our society, to gain personal gratification at the disregard of another individual. It is a mutilation of our own spiritual self as well as an insult to other peoples.

Many have suggested that true spiritual women (although why this phrasing doesn’t include men I am never sure) support one another instead of competing with one another. Well, this works only if all the spiritual people involved are seeking their truest uniqueness and are not feigning spirituality at the expense of others.

Weirdness is your absolute birth right.

“You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.” – John Mason

There is only one of you in this whole, wide, wonderful, world. So be that person. Embrace yourself, completely, utterly, and not only forgive yourself but actually accept yourself. That is not an excuse to behave poorly or arrogantly. The world is full of arrogant individuals who believe they are more deserving than other human beings and frankly, that is part of the problem which is destroying our world.

I will not tell you how to be your own brand of weird, Starlet.

That’s up to you.

Many Blessings, Joey

All my own work All rights reserved

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