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Witch Musings: Midsummer Submergence

So far, 2017 has been a year of fluctuation that has highlighted how damaging polarisation can become in the social and cultural landscapes. In the Musing about the energies of Spring essay the emphasis was on resilience, on refusing to be buried, only planted.

This concept evolved into my Spiritual advice for people in general:

“Stop planting yourself in concrete. You have roots that need to spread out and grow, they need to be in fertile soil, enriched by the enviroment around them. Stop planting yourself in concrete, just because you think you should. Stop planting yourself in concrete because someone told you to. Allow yourself to spread your roots in that fertile ground and your potential for growth is limitless.” – Joey Morris 2017

As Midsummer approaches, I cannot help but feel we are becoming deeply submerged by the ever flowing current of Spirit, Universe, Deity, Cosmic soup or how so ever you define it; the essence of who we are is being held up to us like a mirror, and that is not necessarily a comfortable experience.

Pivotal questions are thrown at us without mercy, demanding that we choose… we stand, bleary eyed at a fork in the road… do what has always been done, and nothing changes, or dive head deep into the Avalonic lagoon, into initiation…

I choose to leap. I choose to submerge and surrender myself completely.

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At first, to both our own eyes and to those around us, the leap can seem like madness.

We cannot explain why it is right, merely that somewhere inside of us our soul has spoken, and so leap we shall.

There might be bruises from diving in, there are always Birthing pains, but ultimately these lightning scars are reminders of our pure strength through action, the courageousness required to be truly on a Witches path, and though at first our lungs might fill as we splutter and drown… we know, deep within that letting the past die that death is exactly the point.

We are releasing.

It is perhaps a little odd on the surface of it that Midsummer, in all its fiery splendor, seems tied deeply to the Water this year – to the submergence and cleansing away of all that was stagnant and unmoving… but this year to me has felt energetically unusual anyway, closer to the Underworld than at any given point in my living memory, and many of us (especially those of us that have undergone Cris’s Underworld Meditation or Ancestry course ) know that we dive deep into the Underworld waters and then emerge in the Cave of our Mothers, to stare headlong into the bonfire there, to learn about all that was and all that could be.

The powers that be would seek to force us to be stagnant and polarising, they tell us to choose a box and pit ourselves against the “others.”

I choose instead to drown the parts of myself that refuse to shapeshift and change. I will conquer my fear, and conquer myself.

Many blessings Starlets,

Joey Morris

2017 All my own work and design all rights reserved

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