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Queen of Books

★★★ Oracle for Starlets ★★★

★ Cards of Chaos – Queen of Books ★

The beautiful cards of Chaos come without any definitive meanings, allowing for personal interpretation of them to rule your thought process… anything goes as long as it aligns with your higher truth!

How apt is it that the Queen of Books showed up this week for the Oracle reading; She who rules over the written and recorded word; covering her torso in words as well as her face in randomized alphabetical letters. Not only does she outwardly project the image of a scholar but she wears the very words on her skin. It reminds me of the question;

“If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful?”

The power of the spoken and written word gets this Virgo Witch twitching (or perhaps, tweeting… *modern linguistic pun*) with excitement because of the incredible importance of words in witchcraft.

The words we speak are literally magick. Dreams and hopes given physical form through our intention of thought and the vibration of our voice (or hands.) The way our body alters and changes to shape our expressions; thoughts given flight into the realm of the physical world that echoes in the astral.

Words are powerful.

There is a tendency in modern times to ridicule the polite or the kind as though it is weakness or unsubstantial shallowness; the flinging of words sharp and harsh designed to wound and harm classified as somehow more “real.”

Knowing that a few kind words could change someones mood – heck someones day or even life should be enough to make us measure our words, spoken or written.

Sometimes words are used to tantalise, shock, cause a reaction in others, drag others emotions kicking and screaming whether they acquiesce or not; and the reaction can be a powerful thing. People use this energetic exchange in all manner of ways; the power of the pen seeking change and reform in public social realms is well documented throughout history; why else were books and printing presses regulated and destroyed?

The written word can still be manipulated and controlled by those publishing them but in modern times the power of the free word is known; messages can be extended all over the world more readily and easily than ever before.

Both a blessing and a curse; it all depends on how the words are used; for love and solidarity, or for hate and judgement.

Words evolve, change, fall out of fashion and some are discarded for all time; a written history of speech, examining the past through etymology and an examination of cultural and social values can all hinge on words.

To some witches, the term “book witch” is thrown as insult to the educated and well read, arguing a lack of practice in magical pursuit; and whilst practice is absolutely necessary for a journey of craft; we should count our lucky stars that we live in a world where such books are convenient and available.

Books are thought, heart, memory in bound form. They radiate ideas, knowledge, questions and even wisdom; they can take us on a journey far from ourselves and bring us right back to our living rooms changed and a little better than before.

Take the time and reach out a few words in kindness each day, and see the change it makes not only in others, but in you.

And one day, you might just find that your very words have saved a life.

Many blessings Starlets,


All my own work and design all rights reserved

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