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Lessons in Self - Sovereignty

★★★ Starry Oracle ★★★

★Self mastery★ ★Deck – Plant Ally Cards by Lisa McLoughlin★

“Rosebay Willowherb (Fireweed)- Self Mastery You are the Phoenix rising from the ashes! Feel encouraged to renew your confidence in self mastery. What do you desire to do?”

“Fireweed removes anger and transmutes karma. It is the remedy of restoration. When life destroys us, Fireweed flower essence helps us to successfully start over. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes of the fire, it helps you to connect to your Higher Self and encourage spiritual breakthroughs. With this comes renewed passion, discovering what your purpose in life is. What you are doing has importance and needs to be done.” – Herbalriot

The Plant Ally cards are always on point with synchronicities as the phoenix imagery applies two-fold in my private life and knowing that it will call out to others as well.

Since grave physical illness shook me and asked me to just pause for a minute and watch; see, feel and learn there has been another phrase which resonated, bouncing off the walls with gusto; Remember.

Remember who you were before the world told you that you were *not*… enough. Remember that you’re entitled to your opinion, your way of doing things, your mistakes… the same as everyone else is. Listen to the calling of your inner voice, and sing with it. When I called out to Goddess Morrigan for advice she replied; “When did you stop singing?”

The act of singing goes far beyond belting out a tune or humming in reverence as a sacred act of worship (though these are both important chords to hit,) but hearing your inner voice; the one that gets squashed by logic and self loathing, that gets belittled and berated by the harsh cruelties of outside influences until we feel ourselves spinning into a realm of silence just for a quieter life…

But spiritual souls were never meant to be silenced.

The loudest voice is not the most powerful, the truth shines through in any given situation, for those willing to hear it. Our own inner truth (which evolves along with us) can guide us to our path and along it, if we remember to trust ourselves.

Too much of the world is in chaos right now as it seeks to shout over those questioning and learning, too much scoffing and finger-pointing rather than supporting others processes.

The journey of the Phoenix is not an easy path, and as we approach Samhain, Death is at the forefront of our thoughts. A part of us seeks rebirth through the death of that which is decayed, rotten and only sabotages the self. Bad habits, negative processes and enforced silenced need to be dropped into the cauldron and burnt to ashes.

Then comes the next step to self-mastery; asking not only who you are (and are becoming) but who you want to be and what you want to achieve?

Our dreams are at the crux of our soul voice, so sing Starlet.

Many blessings


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