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Woman of Dirt and Bone

Image original - sollenafotografie


You rose up

From dirt and earthiness

You were not

Conceived by the stars

To shrink into nothingness

Show me your scars

The bruises of spirit that

Mark who you are

Scream from the places That you don't show Mapped on the inside Hear me when I tell you A thousand times On a thousand shores

I will break these chains As I did once before You will not shackle us again Remember The grit of who you are

The lines marked in blood Memories of silt stained imprint Soot marks left behind There is fire in your bones


To consume and char away all chaff Bitter husks lay dormant as they cinder Burn to the livewire Raw Indomitable Woman Discard all that would subdue your breath Rise up Dirty


And alive.

- Joey Morris 2018

All my own work all rights reserved

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