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Drama Leeching and Spiritual bankruptcy

As I watch the Spiritual community swirl with the latest drama infused whirlpools full of threats, judgments, poor ethical standards and those capitalizing on the drama for the profit of their own egos or to line their pockets, I find my heart heavy as though I have been thumped in the chest.

And I wonder to myself; is the creative energy so bankrupt right now that we must lower our standards to keep relevancy? That lies are spun become cobwebs in the ears self-righteous tirades drip with the venom of their true purpose; a thinly veiled sense of superiority and smugness.

The world doesn't need social commentary about the lives of other people in the spiritual community, it needs better examples. We have all done it at some point in our lives, lent our two cents to something we know little to nothing about, but there are a few key differences between a general desire for inclusion (which is still shadow work awaiting healing in itself,) and then full blown drama leeching, and the online spiritual community provides the perfect stage for both.

There are differences between the action of interaction in order to better understand a situation, and the over saturation within the modern world of drama mongering and leeching. Drama mongering has become big business; it fuels an industry obsessed with knowing "juicy gossip" about people, usually at some stage of celebrity, to feed the general populace in an ongoing drip. The drug releases a judgmental high of voyeurism, seemingly free of consequence (which is not the true reality) and perpetuating a never-ending cycle of human debasement and humiliation.

This leads to a false sense of inclusion for some, as they can waste their words of power fixating on the lives of other people and feel a sense of connection to those around them who feel the same way. It happens all the time with gossip-formed alliances, which are held in place by a kind of fear; if they are always looking at celebrities or other people, they won't attack me. In this sentiment is exactly the issue - knowing that this sort of behaviour is unfair and damaging to others and engaging in it anyway.

We have all been teenagers and been both a party to and victims of the rumour mill at school; we likely all have memories of behaving in such a way that makes us embarrassed to remember, as well as the times we dissolved into tears or anger at finding ourselves targeted. Unfortunately some of the adult stage reflects that same pattern, and sadly, spiritual communities are not exempt.

Someone asked me recently, "What is it with your spiritual community? They seem determined to eat one another. It's all destructive." I do not entirely agree with this sentiment but it is easy to see how an outsider might gain this perspective. I responded that I felt humans do that, not just one group, and spiritual (and religious) groups are full of vulnerable people which attracts two kinds; the helpers, and the predators.

In my time I have come across my fair share of both BUT we are talking in broad strokes here which is not to group everyone into these categories alone. People are deeper and complex, and sometimes people are hurting and lash out, sometimes people help for the wrong reasons and so on... but generally, when it comes to this drama leeching you can feel the presence of those who want to help, and those who want to drama leech for their own benefit.

My general feeling on situations is to gauge what is going on and decide whether or not I wish to commit any energy to this ongoing cycle. If I feel that there is a general cause behind it (usually some form of human rights) then that is different and is worth taking up a shield to defend. If it is general gossip seeking to pass judgment on an individual then I feel that the world likely will not benefit from another running mouth and the words "just my opinion." It is not to say that my own opinion does not exist; I think that's simultaneously inherent in the human condition but also requiring constant scrutiny; making sure we check our biases and shadows every step of the way.

Neither will I lower my ethical standards when it comes to drama leeching - I refuse to be fed by it, for this year is all about what finally nourishes my soul and how I do that for myself. No one owes you their creative energy and imagine being so creatively bankrupt that you must continually leech from other people or engage in mockery and drama in order to have something to say. It is the realm of the Narcissist, which Goddess knows, the world needs less of.

I am not preaching to say that I am perfect. We all fuck up and make snap judgments, the wrong call, involve ourselves when we should not. But becoming aware and changing our self-destructive patterns is one of the major currents which are meant to underpin spirituality. To grow, to evolve, to become better.

Nor am I suggesting that those guilty of terrible crimes should not be held to account; for as the Morrigan teaches, broken Geis always have consequences. When you betray what you stand for, when you betray your oaths, that will find its way back to you, in the end. Eventually, people see the truth of others. Always. And if the truth is a mistake sought to be rectified that's one thing. A constant need to maintain relevance by capitalizing on cruelty and drama is another.

Lets be better, starlets, all of us. Together.

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