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Bear, Bleach & Bedeck the Bones - Solstice musings

Gather the bones of your past experiences around you, all those that have been clinging to an absent kind of life, and wash them clean. Bear them to the world, honest and raw in the absence of the shadows that hide their truth, and bleach them, leaving only the cord of their lessons behind. Bedeck them in Otherness, in wyrdness, in beauty to recycle them into something enchanting...

"Advice is a form of nostalgia dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it's worth..." - Baz Luuhrmann, Everybody's free

This Solstice day of light shines in a peculiar energy, of retrograde energy and eclipse gateways, leaving many of us feeling irritable, on edge, and engaged in power plays both internally and externally. It can be hard to feel abundant and carefree in such an atmosphere, but we can still celebrate: our sovereignty, our resistance, the way we navigate troubled waters, and heal our old wounds. This feels like an excellent time to purify out ancestral wounding and ingrained self sabotaging behaviour, as the light pours on old forgotten cobwebs, whilst bleaching the bones white, ready for decoration. We can crown ourselves not only in roses but bedeck our bones, displaying the foundations on which we have grown around, the breakages we have fused, the resilience at our core.

The temptation is to hermit, to remove ourselves from any kind of spotlight, to be done with conversations which do not serve us, power plays that exhaust us, burning bridges in utter phoenix mode and fly out into the woods. Sometimes, that inclination may serve us well in the moment, and it certainly could this Solstice, it would not be a terrible thing to be reclusive. But it is just putting off the inevitable, for those eclipse gates will open, and we will be left wearing naught but our bones. It is better to rise up to meet it, whatever that sticky situation might be, and dive in head first, bathed in light and apprehension. There is a strength in owning what we are afraid of, what pokes our shadows, what makes us feel vulnerable and alone. In a world that barks about how confident and correct it is, humility coupled with outspokenness can be a powerful tool indeed... just ask Jon Stewart.

We stand on the praecipe of a different world, that much is certain. Some goad for war, for death, for control, as ever they have done. But the liminal weavers are stronger than they have ever been, and together, we will connect our backbones and usher in a new age. We have to... the alternative is extinction. Of the planet and the human race, never mind morality and decency. The time is now. Wear your bones. Speak with the power of a thousand lines of people who have seen this song and dance before, and do not wish it repeated.

Many blessings, starlet


Joey, The Starry eyed Witch

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