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★ Shops to En-Witch your life!!! - PART ONE ★

Why hello there Witchy traveler, Come in, come in for a spell!

Today is a different kind of blog post; it is all about community and supporting fellow soulpreneurs, particularly those who sell physical items - and for this I will be including music and downloadable meditations. Whilst there are many amazeballs tarot readers and providers of courses and consults, those won't be mentioned THIS TIME, mainly because I have a LIST already and it's jam-packed with the freshest juiciest Witch produce a Starlet could ask for!

SO many in fact that I am going to be making a PART TWO and maybe even PART THREE to include EVERY WONDROUS WITCHYOO that I wish to recommend!!!

Further, I personally guarantee that all of these shop-owners are the Witches teeties, who know their shiz, rock their practice, and WILL deliver in all ways!!!

★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★ Occvlta ★ ★ ★

Occvlta have been my hands down favourite Witchy shop for a LONG time (I believe they started in 2013) ... so much so that I have had real trouble limiting myself to only a few photographs to showcase their amazing originality!!! A beautiful folksy combination of poisons, bones, animal claws and other plants, Occvlta fully embody the Trad Witch aesthetic and lifestyle.

You can find them RIGHT HERE! I have ordered from Occvlta who are based in Italy many times, and I have never had even an inkling of disappointment. The products are infused with deep understanding, connection and authenticity and deserve the highest level of Virgo Witch praise I can possibly give. The shipping to the UK has always been super fast, and the wonderful store owner is a pleasure to talk to and has helped me find what I need numerous times, even harvesting a root to assist me in difficult times.

This beautiful Lupin spell pendant is one I personally own from Occvlta and it radiates with shapeshifter power, sitting as a connective portal to the Otherworld on my Morrigan altar. The spellwork contained within is imbued from a master of plant spirit communication, creating its own inner world.

There are many, many, many, incenses I could rave about from Occvlta, whose loose incenses blend poisons and plants with majestic precision to create the only other loose incense I purchase. My absolute favourite though, is Necromancy, and in her own words:

"Made with utmost reverence to the Deceased, this blend contains a mixture of wormwood gathered by night, benzoin resin, coptic frankincense, poppy seeds, hemlock, cedar, yew, and human bone powder. Its effects are narcotic and intoxicating, a strange kind of bodily, mind, and spirit relaxation so as to connect with the powers with the Underworld." - Occvlta

Necromancy more than lives up to its description, and I stock up as often as they are available. It creates a unique experience of Old world witchcraft where you can hear the Spirits calling and almost step back in time to a wilder, ancient land. If you would like to hear more, I made a video about these products because they excite me SO much!!!

★ ★ ★ Laura Daligan ★ ★ ★

Laura has to be one of the most beautiful Witchy souls on the planet and I absolutely adore her. A fellow daughter of the Morrigan, wielder of the sacred flame, general bad-ass and shining star, she also happens to sell some absolutely GORGEOUS items - particularly in the realm of art and music.

I used to own one of her hand painted drums which I sadly lost when I left one life behind (and have missed it ever since.) Her beautiful work, especially of Spirit animals to my mind, is haunting, capturing the essence of an animal so perfectly that it will take your breath away. Her shamanic drums are a must have magical item that seriously enhance witchy meditations and rituals.

This drum is quite similar to the one I used to own, and I don't think I need to tell you how magickal it is, because the art speaks for itself. Cosmic, ethereal, gorgeous - it weaves its own story before you have even engaged in drumming. Absolutely and utterly incredible. Laura also has a selection of prints, should you not wish to purchase a drum, or prefer a smaller investment for now.

I also want to draw your attention to this little number, her album Between the Worlds. My personal favourite is "The Crossing," which always helps me to trance out. I won't ruin the experience for you but I will highly recommend you go take a listen!!!!

★ ★ ★ Molly Roberts ★ ★ ★

Molly is THE art witch extraordinaire who brings a magick all of her own to every, single, thing, she does. Brimming with excellence, jubilance, and creativity from every pore of her being, you can't help but adore her.

★ ★ ★ Cris Ashburn ★ ★ ★

So, if you didn't know, Cris is a Death Priestess and a daughter of the Nordic Goddess Hel, a relationship she honours deeply and profoundly, working every single day in the realm of Spirits and discussing death related concepts. Her guided meditation "Gateway to Hel," can be purchased HERE and if you are at all interested in connecting to the Underworld and your ancestors, then this is the journey for you. Richly layered and evocative, it will give you chills.

Then there are her 'Songs of Hel' a bundle containing a Birth and a Death song to evoke emotional responses and meditative imagery within the mind of the practitioner. I should know, after listening to them I INSISTED she sell them for others to have access to that incredible experience, and so I am INSISTING you check them out.

The Death song carries you through the emotional responses to death energy, moving your emotional body through sorrow and pain to the other side, and the Birth songs invigorates with the fires of creation and empowerment. Frequently in the spiritual community, people avoid the difficult topics fearing it won't be popular. For Cris, this is her passion, her purpose, and she embodys this fearless guardianship of the gateways of Death with her every breath. I love her face.

★ So for NOW, that's the ending but not the end, fabulous Starlets. I have many, many more recommendations to come, and so this is going to be the first part in many. I have some incredible artists, witch suppliers, artists and even a taxidermist that I want to highlight for all the incredible stuff that they do. So I promise... THIS WILL BE BACK FOR PART TWO!!!

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