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The Holy Wild - Interview with Danielle Dulsky

Today it is my great pleasure to interview a truly inspirational Woman and Witch, Danielle Dulsky! Author of the Holy Wild and Seasons of the Moon and Flame, Danielles' evocative body of inspirational work can also be found via The House of Twigs.

Further links are posted at the bottom of the interview!

Enjoy, Starlets!!!


★ I absolutely adored your book The Holy Wild and I can't wait to dive into Seasons of the Moon and Flame. One of the biggest spiritual moments I had reading the Holy Wild was when I was reading the book as I supported a friend in hospital (everyone is fine!) and came across the Babylon within your pages. Themes surrounding true raw empowerment echo through its pages... can you tell me more about how much spiritual empowerment means to and molds your path? First, thank you so much! Spiritual empowerment, I think, is a term I might define differently on any given day, but, yes, to empower people to ask questions, to take charge of their own spiritual path, to dismantle systems of indoctrination- these tasks are not unique to the Witch but integral to becoming whole. I think that, for me, to be spiritually empowered means that I do not need to know everything, that I can find "power" in the uncertainty, that I can be very disciplined in my Craft and yet still be an eternal student. ★ You often address the shadow self in your work, and how it connects to the wildness within. What would you say to people who are struggling under the weight of personal and community shadows in this pandemic? Wow, great question. Well, I would say first that shadow work is never done. As soon as we name our shadows, they are already not our shadows. Embracing generative befuddlement is important in shadow work, and, yes, the communal shadows are very real and, I think, are being exposed during these strange times.  ★ I would love to hear more about your journey as a Celtic- inspired witch, being one myself. I also adore your Ogham tattoos! Could you tell us a little more about your Celtic journey? Yes, my entire motherline is Irish, and Irish mythology and folk tales have always been a huge inspiration to me as a writer. As a word-Witch, my storytelling is not really separate from my witchcraft, so there's been this strange braiding throughout my journey between my magick and Irish myth, with the mythic energy being a magickal force in itself. I think, like a lot of Witches, the journey begin with ancestral inquiry (I moved to Ireland when I was 18, fresh out of high school and hungry for something my grandmothers understood but I did not yet know) and working with the Celtic calendar/Wheel of the Year, but, twenty-two years later, it has become very much second nature, my way of seeing the world and my small role within the larger collective, the longer story.

A massive thankee to Danielle for participating in this interview, I am so excited to have gotten to chat to her!!! ---------------------------------------- Danielle Dulsky (She/Her) Author of Seasons of Moon and Flame, The Holy Wild, and Woman Most Wild http://DanielleDulsky.Com

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