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The Path of The Morrigan under the Pandemic - Interview with Badb's Cauldron

Welcome back Starlets!

"... battles are observed, poems are recited, druids are celebrated, circuits are made, bodies are recorded metals cut teeth mark necks break cuts blossom screams are heard..." - Kings arise to the Battle, Second Battle of Mag Tuired

In times of hardship, we turn to our Gods, our rituals, our magick. We stand together, bound as one, called to action. Together, may we rise.

Today it is my pleasure to present to you an interview with Badb's Cauldron, a fellow Daughter of the Morrigan to discuss how we feel the current situation has been impacted by our relationship to The Great Queen. (You can find my answers to Badb's Cauldrons questions over on her blog right here!!!)

1. In your own words, who is The Morrigan to you?

To me personally, The Morrigan has been a bringer of great change. She has been my catalyst for deep healing, rebirthing and gaining self-sovereignty. She has through various tests of will, reminded me of my strength, my warrior spirit, my boundaries, and she has shown me my true gifts. She has absolutely changed the old, life-battered version of me into a much more resilient and driven creature. 

I feel that she wants her children to be their best and strongest selves. And that includes being truly honest and authentic. Because this is a no-nonsense Goddess! You can't lie to her and she won't lie to you. She shows you the truth of light and dark. She shows you the truth in the lies you tell yourself. And she prepares you for the harshness that the truth brings. She makes you a warrior, even if you never thought you would be one!

So who is The Morrigan to me? She is the best teacher and disciplinarian that I could have wished for. And she is the absolute unfiltered truth.  

Sorry, I'm gushing haha. The love I have for her is immense!

2. Have you found Her energy to have changed or brought change in  you since the current social/global turbulence began?

She has been somewhat different. She has been visiting me as a battle-armour-wearing Warrior Queen which is not her normal form for me. And she's been giving me quite the 'shut up and sit down' energy. 

She appeared to me a few weeks ago and, to cut a long story short, she removed my energy field and replaced it with a new one. She replaced it with what she called 'death energy' and I was told to allow it to take over me. At the time, I thought this was because I'm a deathwalker and that she was somehow preparing me for the virus aftermath, when I would be needed for soul rescue/crossover work and land cleansing. But she has since explained that she changed my energy to also protect me. To protect me from the spread of panic and fear that is growing because of the virus. She numbed the sensitivity in me on purpose! 

Being highly sensitive is one of my biggest gifts. But my empath side tends to feel on a global level rather than feeling in a singular way. So by numbing me and basically making me 'of death', she has kept me unemotional and rational. That has helped me bring calm and logic to a lot of friends who are in full panic mode. (There's always method in her madness!)

3. What message of The Morrigan do you think is important for people to hear right now?

To accept the changes that we are all going through during this worldwide turbulence. To accept this spiral of life. The greater plan, (whatever that may be). Accepting it lessens the panic and eases the flow of what is and  must be. It allows the wheel to turn instead of prolonging it.

This may not be the first thing people think of when they think of The Morrigan and her messages. But to me, she has always had a touch of 'fate' around her and her historic stories. I very often liken the sisters to The Fates. And without trying to sound nonchalant, new growth and beginnings always arise from death and darkness. We see it every day. 

4. As a Goddess of Sovereignty, The Morrigan is said to have a hand in changing the socio-political landscape. How do you feel this applies (or not) to world events?

I feel that it must apply to some degree. I've chatted with a few witches on my Badb's Cauldron page recently and several of us have been told quite clearly by The Morrigan that we cannot do any spellcrafting against this virus. In a journey with her a few days ago, I asked her why. Her response was to drown me and tell me quite harshly to 'just stay dead'. 

Of course, I have no clarification or proof of how she may or may not be involved. But from those comments from her, it seems that this could be land sovereignty related. So I have found myself asking 'how can this not involve The Morrigan?'

5. As a “Dark” Goddess, The Morrigan (especially in her form of Badb or Nemain) is associated with fear and our victory over it. How has that impacted you personally, especially as difficult as the times currently are.

As I mentioned in question 2, I am a strange kind of numb at the moment so that I can help others who aren't. But I certainly haven't been like that in the past.

Fear had consumed so much of me before I was 40. Through life threatening physical trauma, abuse, bullying. We all know it far too well. But she has made me face and overcome almost all of it. Even my huge phobia of spiders! As my page followers know, Badb decided it would be a good idea to give me spiders as my biggest magickal helper/familiar. Something I didn't find amusing for quite some time ha ha!

But it took time and it wasn't easy. It was like constant re-runs until I got it right. Like Groundhog Day! I had to learn to ‘respond not react’. But I did and I grew, and the more I faced, the more I became a better version of me! So I almost feel like she prepared me for events such as this pandemic beforehand. To be a better person for others to turn to. 

6. Which spiritual practices peculiar to your relationship with the Morrigan (that you’re happy to share) are helpful in such times?

The simple one that springs to mind is ritual. Obviously not everyone does spiritual ritual but I think it is something we need in our everyday lives whilst being on lockdown. Change the word ritual to routine and it holds the same meaning. It keeps you focused and your mind occupied. I've been studying so that I am almost keeping with the routine of my daily work life. Find that routine, that ritual to keep you from dropping into the panic and any feelings of depression or solitude. 

Connecting with nature is something that I do with The Morrigan a lot. She likes me closely connected to it, mainly because it's healing for me. And although we are all limited on what we can do outside at present, it can still be done. I've only been able to stand at the front door because both my husband and I have been ill and have been self isolating. But just standing at the front door and hearing nothing but nature for a change. No cars, no planes, not even the children at the school nearby. Just birds, the trees moving and grasshoppers. It's lovely. That touch of sunshine on your face really does lift the mood. And small things like watching the orb weaver spiders on our windows building their webs and catching food. Watching the magpie family who live in the tree outside our house foraging in the grass. And the young crow that seems to have moved into the opposite tree. Seeing the beauty in the everyday life of our planet as opposed to material items. It carries the feeling of going back to the old ways to be renewed. It's actually quite epic! Though I am obviously not taking away the seriousness of the matter we are dealing with by saying that.

7. What lessons have been instilled in you by The Morrigan do you feel are important for others to hear?

That change is needed for growth. And it is all too often a painful change. But it has to happen. Because if it doesn't happen, if we ignore it, it keeps coming and coming and it gets harsher every time until the lesson is learnt. But it's always, always worth it!

Thankyou for joining us Starlets,

Hail Morrigan!

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