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The Thug Unicorn - Interview with Tanya Markul

Welcome back, Starlets!!!

Today I am just a SMIDGE excited to share this interview with Tanya Markul - the creatrix behind "The She Book" which is one of my absolute favourite poetry inspired tomes that I reach for constantly... and is soon to have a Vol.2!!! You can also find her under Thug Unicorn on social media <3

This woman has a mastery of words which is evocative and inspiring, and my words can't even start to do her justice.

1) Firstly a massive thankyou for The She Book and a massive congratulations about the upcoming Vol.2! I am so excited to read it! I was hoping you could tell us a little about what inspires you and drives you to create The She Books?

The idea that I can possibly put my feelings and emotional pain onto something (paper) and not have to keep it inside of me—that I can transform old stories, pain and narratives into a pretty line and sometimes, a kind of poetry.

2) One of the things I really admire about your work is how you honour the real and raw emotions of your experiences. Could you, in your own words tell us the process behind the choice to be public with your emotions (in the hope of inspiring others to overcome their fears!)

I never made a conscious ‘choice’ to be public. I just did it. I didn’t write with the hope of inspiring anyone. I didn’t know that I could inspire someone, and even today I still get a surprise when I do. Writing and sharing my emotions in a piece or prose often feels more natural to me than having a conversation. Haha.

3) Has there been any major shadow moments when deciding to create your work?

I don’t believe in myself. Check.

I suck. Check.

You don’t deserve this. Check.

You can’t do this. Check.

You’re going to fuck it up. Check.

Who do you think you are? Check.

People are going to hate you. Check.

4) If you could offer any advice to people who are feeling dis-empowered right now, what would it be?

Perhaps to gently examine what it is you believe is taking away your power. Then try to explain it in 1,000 metaphors of Nature.

I just want to Thank Tanya once again for agreeing to the Blog interview it was an absolute pleasure!!! You can pre-order The Book of She Vol.2 right now... so go on and support this beautiful work!!! I know I have <3

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