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The Power in Boundaries – The Queens’ No’s

*Sidenote props if you understood that pop culture reference.

We stand at the boundaries, the edge walkers, the hedge jumpers, peering out into the Unknown with our Other Eyes seeking to better understand the depths of the world. We raise energies in circles, embodying a temple within and without of the self, structuring our magickal practice with border lines and directing our power to protect and allow (or reject) certain levels of spirit encroachment within our personal spaces.

Following a particularly illuminating video chat (which I shall link at the bottom) concerning reclaiming the Queen archetype with two of my absolute favourite Witchy Women; the Kickass Joanna Devoe and my favourite Death Witchin’ Cris Ashburn I have been musing on the spiritual premise of personal boundaries, and why it is that we, as spiritual pathwalkers chase the depths of knowledge concerning magickal borders, but often hesitate when it comes to emotional, mental, and even physical boundaries within the rest of our lives.

There is no separation between the magickal and the so-called mundane, as some might suggest. Instead, the sacred flow of the universe permeates every molecule of our being, whether we are echoing the songs of the universe in chanting ritual or washing the dishes. Magickal practice can be applied even at a subconscious level regardless of the activity or the audience with which we are engaging.

So why is it that when faced with moments that confront our personal sovereignty we hesitate? Are we so conditioned into the “mentality of service” from every indoctrinating angle within our daily lives that we buckle under the psychological pressure to just be wholesome and supplicative?

Do we truly feel as though standing for our own personal space is argumentative when we have taken an alternative route to spiritual practice as pagans or witches or magicians or howsoever we have chosen to align our definitions?

It takes courage to openly defy convention and stand by ones spiritual practices even in the face of dislike, ridicule, and hostility; especially when the world churns in a tumultuous display of backward thinking. Those declaring themselves as Witches etc without apology are helping to draw a personal and social boundary that refuses to allow others to crush them under the metaphorical (and frighteningly, sometimes literal) wheel of oppression.

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So why is it that in interpersonal spaces we have forgotten what it means to embrace the courageous stance, the respectful stance of sovereignty that disavows the practice of personal manipulation and bullying tactics to make us go against our own decisions?

In the Northern Hemisphere, many of us are confronted with the notions of who we should be and how we should act at this time of year. Guilt tripped by a toxic stench of “not enough” that paints an ugly veneer over social and interpersonal interactions. We see what family “should” look like, and the values that “should” be applied to it.

Once again it is the bellowing of the outmoded, the dying cries of the dinosaurs who stomp their feet to tell us to behave, be quiet, don’t argue or rebel.

We are the rebels.

We chose a practice of spiritual freedom where we refused to engage in systematic religious fear mongering and instead sought (and continue to seek) the truth for ourselves. How can we lie that aside even for a moment?

No one should have power over us but ourselves, for mastery of the self is the only power we can truly wield. We can create those boundaries for ourselves, reclaiming our personal sovereignty a step, a conversation, a simple “no” at a time.

Remembering that “no” is a complete sentence, without justification, because noone should dictate our lives to us, but ourselves.

Stay Fluxy, Starlet


All my own written work all rights reserved

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