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Blood Moon Morrigan Musings

In the quiet aftermath of the violent Blood Moon, we clutch at a moment of respite, for we have bled out into the water having opened the floodgates to our truest selves. Who amongst us can say that we have not felt the Full Moon in Leo, with its spiritual trifecta of Supermoon, Blue Moon, and Blood Moon, clawing at us from deep within, disturbing us from our rest and screeching at us to step out from the shadows in our most authentic guise.

The Blood Moon set the stage of a battlefield; where inner demons had to be slain at long last, as they had risen time and time again from within, to taunt us mercilessly; deriding us for our perceived failures, slipping a cutting blade under our ribs, searching for our heart, As we, faced a seeming onslaught of choices, the consequences of which were inescapable, were incited to a battle rage... we could alchemize it into power, gird our loins, and attack, or fall onto our swords.

In undertaking ritual we engaged with a very real physical manifestation of pain and sacrifice; our limbs shook with agony, a testament to our corporeal state, a reminder that we live, and in the living... we bleed. The frenzy in the blood was a theme that was inescapable; we were whipped into states of excitement and dread with no middle ground; the toll on some was tangible as fighting broke out in all manner of expressions. Faced with blades on all sides, the challenge was to know when to engage and when to dismiss those taunting us, knowing that to misstep was to fall backwards into bad habits and rejecting the opportunity to forge ourselves anew.

The Blood Moon presented the fires of opportunity; to seize the scalding blade took courage, but the rewards of doing so were limitless. Courage was the currency of victory.

"I see all who are born [In the] blood-zealous vigorous battle

raging [on the] raven-battlefield [with] blade-scabbards..."

- Kings arise to Battle, Second Battle of Mag Tuired

The Blood Moon was more than just a celestial event; it challenged our every perception; depriving us of sleep, causing our bodies to resist and hurt, it drained us mentally and emotionally as we were constantly challenged in seemingly meaningless arguments and it dredged up our longest standing shadow cycles. It was the starving lion bearing its fangs at our necks, challenging us to survive, and moreover, to move from hunted prey to hunter.

What was worth standing for? What was worth bleeding for?

How much would we sacrifice?

Challenged on all fronts we met battle with ourselves; for only we could rise to victory or crumble from the pressure. We glimpsed our truest selves in the light of the Blood Moon.

For myself, I know who I am. Who is the survivor when they have bled and survived and learned to thrive? They are grit, and fire, and steel.

Many blessings, Starlet


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