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Shadow Priestess

art - kindranikolephotography

Shadow priestess, Walking that space where liminality weaves, Lighting candles from the pain in your knees, You have bent, you have crawled, you have run the gauntlet...

And in so doing set fire ablaze from every graze, Follow me, let me lead, I’ve been that way, I know that need.

When your heart is broken in places,

I shift between all Witch faces. Priestess golden, shining, bleeding, poking the shadow in you too,

That becomes a space unfettered, the twisting of the key that unlocks. I am not standing between to meet your wants, So drop expectation that binds your hands and demands me to be less, Is it cruelty to be what I can be? Be what I need to be and not as you see me? I am not here to be your safe harbor, I am the storm, and I bleed already, enough.

- Joey Morris 2019 All rights reserved

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