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Spring Equinox musings... Recreation of Self

photography art - Kirsty Mitchell

Blessed Spring Equinox, starlets!

It has been a strange year so far energy wise and once more the Spring Equinox doesn’t feel typical.

Winter is still clinging on with bursts of snow far later than most years, and the emphasis on introspection and shadow still weighs heavily to my mind.

This beautiful art summarizes how I feel about this spring, the ice is still in the air, but hope gently beats its wings against our minds, reminding us we create ourselves anew, over and over. We are beings of flux, delving into the pools of our spirituality, cracking the ice that bars our descent, and submerging ourselves in the freezing water beneath. This year has been a collection of uncomfortable truths, forcing us to sit in places within ourselves which are foreboding and inhospitable, so that we peer endlessly into the shadow of our being. The path this year has been littered with learning... whether we like it or not. As we see ourselves through complex and difficult scenarios, we glean insight into our true nature; what elevates us, what chains us, what washes us clean again. Knowledge though, is beyond power, it is sacred, an ethereal cord to the wisdom of the universe, inviting us to sample the taste of the cosmos, taking a bite of infinity. It can be awe inspiring and crushing at the same time, to feel both infinite and insignificant, to see our lessons and flaws laid bare and yet to know they are over in the blink of an eye. Is it comforting that our troubles are like the wings of a butterfly? Fleeting, beautiful in all their idiosyncrasies, fragile in their life span and yet eternal with the ripple of energy that flows outward from ourselves? This is perhaps the essence of Spring; birthed before we realize that is upon us, beautiful in the flowering, fleeting and fragile, and yet the eternal promise of renewal.

Many blessings, Starlets


2018 All my own written work all rights reserved

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